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Friday, February 26, 2010

A Few of my Favorite Things - Part 5

Now, I'm at my 104th post, but we are celebrating my 100th post.
Day 1 Post is Here
Day 2 Post is Here
Day 3 Post is Here
Day 4 Pose is Here
I'm continuing today with 20 more things about me. Here are the rules in case you missed them...
Giveaway Rules:
1. Everyone is Eligible (Winner must be a US Resident) - You don't have to have a blogger account to enter, but leave a way for me to contact you.
2. Leave a Comment on my blog. (1 entry) Enter a Max. of 5 times/Once Each Day
3. Become a Follower. (1 entry)
4. Bloggers who post this giveaway on their site with a link back to me. (1 entry)
5. Become a member of my BlogFrog Community. (1 entry)
6. Follow me on Twitter and Tweet about the giveaway. (1 entry)

Giveaway ends on February 26th at 12:00 a.m. (EST). Winner announce on Saturday!

Here are 20 More Things About ME

80. My dream wedding would be on the beach or outdoors.

81. I'm a simple girl not a Fru Fru girl.

82. Favorite Drink: A Margarita

83. Loves using my Eco-Friendly Bags

84. I have a love for Starbucks

85. I love BLOGGING!

86. I love Bubble Gum Soap. The reason I found this out was when I was a little girl apparently I had a smart mouth on me. This is such a surprise to me now. My mom thought it was a great idea to make me wash my mouth out with soap; however, not realizing it was bubble gum flavored soap. My remark after getting my mouth washed out was "That wasn't bad, I like bubble gum."

87. Thinks that my new favorite season is SPRING. I love the days where I can sit on my porch and relax or lay in the park with a good book.

88. I have a new love for a computer program called REVIT. It makes my life in the design aspect 10 x easier.

89. I love to spend the day watching movies or being pampered.

90. I love the honest truth.

The last one leads me to introduce my best friend Malory from back home.

She wrote 10 HONEST things about me.

91. Jess is the type of friend once you're her friend, you are FOR LIFE!!!

92. Jess and I have been through the good and the bad and the worse. By God alone did we make it. Just goes to show that true friends are there and last through it all. (No matter the distance or how much time goes by.)

93. Jess was an aspiring infomercial actress too. Ok, so it was us (along with a friend & my sister) at a slumber party. We were goofing off & entertaining with our awesome infomercial-acting skills!

94. Okay, So Malory Missed Numbered. So... Jes is always there no matter for you no matter what.

95. Jess also is a comedian. The same group of girls mentioned above put on a hilarious skit for the Church's Mother/Daughter banquet.

96. She is an AWESOME gift-giver!!! She definitely gives gifts that seem to be custom-made (put together) just for you. Seriously, she knows what to buy.

97. Yes, you know she's creative by now. However, did you know that she can scrapbook? She does a fabulous job!

98. She's bossy. (In a good way!) The girl knows what she wants, when, how, and why.

99. She speaks her mind. (Also, in a good way!) She tells you how it is and how you need to hear it. (Which a lot of the times, you have to do it that way.)

100. She is a great listener. Whether you need to vent, scream, shout, cry, make a joke, chit-chat, or what...she's always there to listen. (Even when I say something absolutely stupid and ridiculous. She just listens, laughs, and then tells me like it is. LOL!)

Hope you have enjoyed this week of 100 Things about Me. I sure have.
Look for the WINNER Tomorrow!

P.S. Earn a extra entry by going to my Blog Frog Community and participating in the post "What has been your best year so far?" by Jamie.

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Lynn said...

I agree with Spring being the best with Fall following as a close 2nd. There is nothing better than being able to open your windows and let the cool breeze flow through the house.

Great idea to have Malory list her 10 things!

Linds said...

I really like this idea! Have a great weekend!

sara's art house said...

How fun and congrats on your 100 posts!!!

Stephanie said...

I definitely LOVE margaritas! Especially with salt. :)

YAY for making it to 100 posts!!

Stephanie said...

Oh, and I just became a follower... even though I thought I already was. Oops!

Pam, mom, honey, said...

i have never heard of bubble gum soap, breast milk soap, goats milk soap, but never bubble gum soap

Kitchen Belleicious said...

I love that post because I am new to your site and i already feel like i know you! HA! Your blog is so cute and i love the giveaway! Hope i win! I am doing one myself and it ends on monday so be sure to come and enter if you can. it is for lisa lenoard jewerly! who doesn't like jewerly!

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