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Saturday, August 8, 2009


What do you see in the mirror or reflective surfaces?
Well, my dog sees himself... It has never bothered him before until recently.

He found his reflection in my magazine racks.. Who would have even thought about that? I definitely didn't have a clue.

Here are a few pictures of him going crazy and trying to figure out where the other puppy is?!

He sat there for quite awhile trying to figure this one out?!
Then he decided to paw at them to see what happened?!
Nothing of Course!
Finally he found it quite odd that the dog looked just like him and had a hamburger toy too!

I've gotten many laughs at him doing his, because it has been so out of the blue. He will bark and whine at his reflection, which makes it even funnier. Currently, I've turned all the magazine racks around that have reflective surfacing on them, because he ends up discovering this in the middle of me attempting to do school work.

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Ross said...

These modern magazine racks feature innovative designs while having enough space to hold plenty of literature.

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