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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Back Tracking to 7/19/09

I'm back tracking a little since I just started my blog. Trust me.. The blogs will slack off before long.
On this beautiful Sunday, my mom and I decided to take my nephew Colton and Aiden (my puppy) to Daffin Park in Savannah. The weather was absolutely amazing and the humidity was non-existence which doesn't happen often in the South. At Daffin Park, you can get away from all the tourism of Savannah, and we were allowed to let little Aiden off his leash since their wasn't hardly anyone around. We planned our day with a picnic, running on the open grass, and playing on the playground.

Colton and I having a picnic..

Colton smiling while eating his chicken nuggets..

Aiden (puppy) and Colton out in the open field..

Colton and Grammie playing in the grass..

Colton "cheesing" it up with Grammie's glasses...

Colton persisted that Aiden should swing with him.. So here is goes
(P.S. Didn't last long at All)

Aiden and I posing for a picture before sliding down the slide....

That afternoon... my brother (Brad) and my sister-n-law (Kristi) came over to let baby Caden have his first swim at my apartment pool..

Baby Caden before the Swim...

Apparently.. we were all in the pool while he was in the pool so we only have pictures of before and after.. But Pops did get it on video..

All warm and cuddly afterward...

We had a very busy Sunday, but I enjoyed having all of my family together.

P.S. Sorry for backtracking so much!


Courtney said...

You're naturally beautiful. I ♥ your shirt with the rouching on the shoulders & loose sleeves, too cute!

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