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Sunday, July 26, 2009

I know I said that I would be a couple of day before I blogged again, but I needed to get these thoughts on paper.
The last 2 days I've been doing a little research on my Studio Project for class. I feel that if it this was a regular home, then I wouldn't have any problem designing this. It's more difficult than it looks to combine the aesthetics of a loft and the the comforts of a family home. Personally when I think of lofts, I think of a single young woman or man or perhaps a young couple. However, my clients are a couple in their late 30's to early 40's and are expecting their first child. I have to keep the aesthetics of a loft in mind, but combine their love for the beach and all that it represents.
I'm also trying to take this vision in my head of this kitchen that would perfectly represent my couple, and turn it into actual products and a overall design. So here are some images that inspire me and that I'm looking to for inspiration in my loft design.

Image 1: I'm loving the idea of the navy cabinets with the modern flair.

Image 2: But I'm totally leaning toward the small splashed of color.

Image 3: Loving the Natural Cabinets, and the Splashes of Color.
Same Kitchen as Image 2

Image 4: I'm loving the open floor plan and the bead board cabinets.

Image 5: Definitely will have some open cabinets

Image 6: Not loving the darkness of the room, but loving the colors and furniture.

Image 7: I love absolutely everything about this room!
But I'm not sure it will work for my clients!

Image 8: I just love the modern style and the exposed brickwork!
Image 9: So I'm totally loving the colors, and I will be
using the colors in my design throughout my 3 bedroom loft.

Image 10: Love the Ceiling... Something I have to address in my loft space.

So tell me what you think of my inspiration pictures and what elements might be wise to pull out for my design. Keep in mind this is a historic downtown loft space needing to incorporate elements and the feeling of the beach.

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Kristi J said...

What beautiful pics!! And, what an exciting job you have...I'm sure you'll do a great job...Thanks for stopping by and commenting, kristi

Fay said...

I think that I liked images 7,9, and 10 the best. The colors were amazing along with the furniture. Lucky you that you have this talent, I'm almost hopeless when it comes to decorating.

Good luck with the couple!

Jes said...

Thanks Kristi and Fay!

Courtney said...

Open shelving looks great in a magazine, but in real life I would suggest adding some translucent doors like the ones in your first picture. That way the couple doesn't have to wash their dishes before they use them because dust will collect in them on the open shelves & who has time to do that let alone with a new baby.

Love the pics, thanks for following my blog ♥


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