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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Polk's Farmers Market

This morning I decided to take an adventure downtown to Polk's Fresh Market or known as the Farmer's Market. I've lived in Savannah, Ga for a year and a half now and have never went; although, I've passed it many times! Little did I know that upon arriving I would be joining the market with about 20 tourist, which made this small market sorta crowed.

My Shopping List Included:

Well.. I'll say that I found more than I expected.. Didn't find the fresh strawberries, but came home with fresh Georgia peaches.

I will also say that I am a somewhat picky eater, but with all the tourist buzzing around the fresh preserves and salsa, I thought to myself that it had to be good since within 10 minutes they had sold out of the homemade salsa that they carry. I felt no need to try the salsa since I knew that in the end.. I couldn't buy any unless I was to come back. So, I decided to try the Black Raspberry Preserves, and just so you know I don't like Raspberries. Upon my surprise, I fell in love with the Black Raspberry Preserves and came home with a jar. So I am really excited about trying it on toast or on a warm biscuit tomorrow morning or in the near future.

Arriving at the Farmer's Market.

Inside of the Farmer's Market!

I'm now reminded that they sell flowers too! (I'll remind myself of that next time I need flowers.)

Goodbye Farmer's Market!


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