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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The News.. the good and bad

About Around Your Town Tuesday...

Several weeks ago my bloggy pal, Courtney and I rolled out a new blog hop called Around Your Town Tuesday.  We were very excited about it and thought it would be something unique and somewhat encouraging to bloggers to get out into their communities as well as learn about fellow bloggers' communities, especially since warm weather is upon us.  We got lots of positive responses on our blog posts about it, in our BlogFrog communities, Twitter, etc. and we still get great emails and comments about it.  However, the linking up has been pretty scarce and it's an awful lot of work on our part to prepare the posts, the schedule, post reminders, promote.... you get the picture.  So for now, Courtney and I have decided to put it on hold and re-evaluate the blog hop.  We're going to talk about it, maybe change it up a bit, marinate in our thoughts and could very possibly bring it back - if there's any interest.  So if you are interested in participating in this blog hop in the future, please leave a comment or shoot us an email.  Constructive criticism is certainly welcome.  We'd definitely love to hear from you about how we could improve it, change it up, whatever.  But if there's no feedback, it will most likely be discontinued.   

Have a great day y'all and thanks in advance for any comments or suggestions!

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