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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Cook, Eat, Enjoy Yall with a Guest Post

Welcome Everyone!
Today I am turning this over to the ever so lovely Courtney!

Bon Appetit Ya'll

Hey y'all! I'm honored to be guest posting for Jes today. And since she is a tad obsessed with Mexican food, I thought I'd feed her obsession by sharing one of my all time favorites with her and all of you.   Enchiladas are something that my family makes when we want to treat ourselves. They are a little time consuming but easy to make with only a few key ingredients.  So let's get cooking!
So here's what you'll need:

2 pounds ground beef 1 large onion 2 pkgs shredded cheese 2 cans enchilada sauce 1 pkg corn tortillas Vegetable oil
These amounts are what I used to make 20 enchiladas. Adjust accordingly, but you'll want leftovers. I promise. And, of course, you can use chicken instead of beef, leave out the onions, whatever your preference is. Make it yours. First, dice up your onion.

Brown your ground beef. Be sure to drain off the grease and set aside to cool.
Then I usually set myself up a station that looks like this to make things easier...

Next, add vegetable oil or canola oil to a pan and heat it up. Do the same for the enchilada sauce in a separate pan. You'll want the oil fairly hot because you want the tortilla to cook quickly; however, you only want the enchilada sauce warm because you'll be rolling the tortillas by hand and you don't want them scorching hot. Once your oil is heated up slide your tortilla into the pan. When you see it start to bubble up, give it a couple of more seconds. You'll actually hear the sizzle begin to slow down. Then pull it out, draining the excess oil.

Then slide same tortilla into your enchilada sauce. You simply want to coat the tortilla.

So when the tortilla is good and coated, transfer it to your rolling plate. I usually stack up about 5 or 6 of these at a time.   Once you start filling and rolling your hands will be really messy and washing them between each tortilla is just too much.  But if you stack up too many then the tortillas will start to stick together.

Then start filling your tortillas. Be sure to not over fill them or you'll never be able to roll them or transfer them to your casserole dish.

So I couldn't exactly take a picture of me rolling them up but once you roll them up individually, place them into your casserole dish side by side.

Once you've filled your pan, spoon a little enchilada sauce on top to keep them from being dry. And then with cheese and any remaining ingredients - don't waste it!

Cover dish with aluminum foil and bake at 350 degrees just until the cheese on top is melted. Remember, all of your ingredients are already cooked. You just want to melt the cheese. Now, I owe you an apology because in all of my excitement of pulling these babies out of the oven I totally forgot to take a picture of the finished product. You're just going to have to trust me, they look, smell and taste delish!  Now, you can head over to my blog and grab the guacamole recipe to go along with this tasty dish.  Enjoy y'all! To print or save this recipe, click HERE.

Don't forget to stop by Courtney's blog!
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