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Monday, March 1, 2010

New, New... What's New Around Here

Updates: Lots of things are new around here.. So Join me on This Journey

New Commenting System: I'm in LOVE with it due to the fact that I can communicate with you (my readers) on a more regular basis. I've been trying out Intense Debate, but I've had some glitches. So please bare with me as I work this problem out. Do you love it or what are your thoughts about this new update? Let's comment to make sure it's working.

New Blogging Series Coming Soon: I will be starting a "Savannah Adventures" post soon. I will bring you along for the ride as I enjoy my last 27 weeks in Savannah. It will feature the "MUST TRY" restaurants in Savannah, and many Tourist Activities. Will you join me?

New BlogFrog Community: I've also started my own community. Come Join us and start some conversation. HERE

Featured Recipe: My recipes have been featuring on Doula Mama in the Kitchen. Last Monday and Today, she has featured my recipes. Thanks Doula Mama. Stay Tuned to next Monday for another one of my recipes on her site.

New Followers: I know that many of you are new followers. Use my new commenting system to introduce yourselves. I'd love to comment back and forth with you so I can get to know you better.
Hope you all Have a Wonderful Week!

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