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Friday, February 5, 2010

Christmas II

Continuation of Christmas I...

More Pictures...
Preparing Desserts for Christmas with Mom's Family

Camryn and I making 'White Chocolate Fruit Loops'

Checking the White Chocolate

breaking them apart..

All Finished...

Camryn and I working on our Red Velvet Cupcakes...

Our Cupcakes

Getting Ready to Fill Them with Cream Cheese...

Finished Cupcakes...

Playing Games after Baking All Day..

Christmas Celebration

Chatting while playing a game of cards...

Me with my coffee mug, and my fleece jacket..

Cody, and Jonna

Chandler, Maddox, Chase

All the Grand Kids..
Me, Mason, Chase, Maddox
Justin, Camryn, Chandler
Jack, Cody, Jacob

All Tuckered Out...

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Laura and Ryan said...

Will you please share how you did the red velvet cupcakes? I have the box mix and the cream cheese frosting, but I want to put either pudding or something inside them. Help!

Jes said...

It's up as a new post.. Hope you enjoy!

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