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Friday, September 11, 2009

Day 5: Nashville

Today was September 4th, which was my Step-Dad, Larry’s Birthday.
He turned the BIG 60.

On this day, we drove out to J. Piercy Priest Lake and Radnor Lake. Once again viewing the area to see everything that Nashville has to offer. I’m currently considering come next summer moving to Nashville if I can find a job in the Interior Design Business.

We also went to the Mall at Green Hills to look around a bit. We found the more expensive part of town, and where a lot of people shop. This was quite above my budget, but we did enjoy it. For dinner, I took my parents to the Rainforest Café since they had never been before. The dinner was great once again. We wanted to treat Larry (my step-dad) to the volcano dessert, but we were just TOO FULL.

Earlier in the week, we had purchased ticket to the Friday night show at the Grand Ole Opry. It was quite a fantastic show except for the rude, inconsiderate young drunks behind us. If you have ever been to the Grande Ole Opry, you would know that they did different show sponsors every 30 minutes and that the performers only perform two songs each. This is a TOTAL bummer when you have performers like Luke Bryan, and Mark Wills. Even though we only saw the best performers for a short time, it was a good show.

Mark Wills
Luke Bryan

After the Grand Ole Opry, we drove out to Baskin Robbins to get Larry a ice cream cake. I forgot to get a picture because it was consumed very quickly. Another Great Day in Nashville… Can I move yet?!

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