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Friday, September 11, 2009

Day 4: Nashville

Thursday morning we had planned to lay around all morning and relax a little bit, before heading downtown once again to walk around some and go see WICKED. Thursday morning worked out perfectly because it was raining when we woke up that morning, and before noon the sky started clearing up as we were getting ready to go to the Tennessee Performing Arts Center to see “WICKED”.

We headed downtown around 11 o’clock, and walked around to a few of the shops along the way to the TPAC. Around noon, we started getting hungry and were walking around trying to figure out what to eat? and where to go? Questions everyone ask in a new town…

As we were walking around, we were handed a menu from Tazza. The menu was extremely HUGE and had a VARIETY of things to eat with a DECENT priced menu. So we decided that we would go give them a try. Much to our surprise this restaurant was AMAZING. The portions were our of this world HUGE and DELICIOUS. My mom and I ordered off of the appetizer menu, and the portions were large enough for a main meal. This was by far the best food and the cheapest food we had had all week.

Located on 510 Church Street

(Between 5th and 6th Avenue)

Website HERE –

After the delicious meal, we went to see WICKED..

All I can say about it was it was an AMAZING PRODUCTION. Words can’t even describe how good it was.

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