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Tuesday, September 15, 2009


At the attempt to save a little money, I purchased my books for this quarter on Amazon. I did save money as a matter of fact, but why oh why do textbooks cost so much?! By the time, I purchase the other book I need tomorrow... I will have dropped almost $250 dollars on BOOKS and that would be for a total of 4 BOOKS. Are you kidding me?! And just so you know.. Some of these books are USED. So there is my complaint for the day along with me OVERWHELMED.

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harmonysong said...

I hear you on the text books!! CRAZY- even the used ones! Amazon's books used are the way to go. I got a Psychology book that was 150 used for $3.00 once!

Ps. found you through the blog frog :)

Christie said...

I completely feel your pain on the cost of textbooks. A few of my classes have required a textbook (although it was supposed to be online only) and not wanting to spend $130 on one book I looked for a cheaper version. You might want to check out or You can rent them for a short time (instead of a whole semester)You have to pay for the initial s/h, but then its free to ship them back.

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