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Thursday, September 17, 2009


Any Questions my readers would like for me to answer in an upcoming post?!
Feel Free to Post them in the comments and I'll be happy to answer.

Tomorrow should be an eventful day.. Moving into my Studio Space at school, and starting the research on my new project. Tomorrow will be Research, Research, Research. This will be time consuming since I pretty much know NOTHING about Yoga. Although there is research to be found, i'm looking forward to doing a Retail Design Space. It is something new and challenging, but I'm looking forward to the new task. This quarter will answer many questions, but one that it will definitely decide is if I want to do Commercial Interior Design or not?!

P.S. I think I already know... ; )

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harmonysong said...

Any kid of question??

When I am in the process of putting final touches on my room, and I am wondering what the appropriate amount of patterns in a room is. My walls are cream and my bedding has some flowers on it. Really I am just wondering how to mix patterns in the same room. :)

Anonymous said...

What got you interested in interior design?

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