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Monday, August 10, 2009

Favorite Thing Monday's

5 Favorite Things Monday

Number 1 : Cooking
This is just one of the things I cooked this weekend.
They may not sound like the most delicious muffin, but they are quite delicious..

(I'll post recipe later!)

Number 2 : Little Aiden

This is Aiden last year at Halloween... I dressed him up and we stayed in for the night.
As of August 7th, I've had Aiden a year, and I'm not sure I could
see my life without this little fellow.

Number 3 : Music
I've come to LOVE Jason Crabb's new CD. Yes, he is categorized at Christian/Gospel, and
normally this is not something that I would even consider listening too. It is so uplifting, and
I love all the older songs that have been remixed which I grew up listening too.
My new favorite is
"One Day at a Time."

Now that I say that it is my favorite... I can't really decide...
(Can Find CD on Itunes)

Number 4 : Fabrics

Above: Just a Fun Pattern
Above: Curtains in Living Room of Loft Project.
Above: Fun Patterned Pillows/Accents in Loft Project.
New Fabrics make me really happy lately due to the fact that I'm looking for different fabrics for my INDS project.

Number 5: Mexican Food

Yummy.. My favorite Mexican Food is a Chimichanga with Rice and Beans..
Oh and how could I forget the cheese sauce.

Maybe a Recipe should be searched for this... Ugh Oh!

Hope you all have a great week!

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Christa said...

I'm with you on number 5!! I love Mexican food too!

Jenna said...

I LOVE me some mexican food too! Those muffins also look really good!

Your dog is so cute. I have a nephew named Aidan,it's funny hearing a dog named that! :)

3 Blessings said...

Those muffins look so good!

Thank you for visiting my blog and for your sweet words. They mean the world to me and my family. Blessings to you,

Christie said...

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE Mexican food too..I think I could eat it almost everyday. =) In fact that quesadilla picture looks just like the ones from Taco Cabana (my favorite Mexican fast food.) That is so cute to dress Aiden up for the bumblebee costume. =)

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