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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Tourist In My Own Town..

Well I'm quite exhausted after being a tourist (somewhat) in my own town. Today I made plans to go downtown with one of my best friends Ashlee and her sister Amanda. The only problem about being TRUE tourist was that we didn't have the maps nor did we take a trolley tour, but we did enjoy the beautiful scenery of downtown Savannah.
Upon Amanda's request, we went to Forsyth Park. Forsyth Park is the largest and most active park in the city; the large park is 20 acres and has been around over a 150 year period. We walked through the middle of the park and upon entering is this beautiful fountain.

This fountain has also appeared in several movies including "Forest Gump" and "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil." I would have to say "Forest Gump" is an all time favorite of mine!

P.S. This is also Amanda's Dream Wedding Spot!

After walking through the park and admiring the old homes, we walked to Gap to make sure that they weren't having any great deals! Surprisingly, No one bought anything! Then we walked to one of my all time favorite places to eat with some friends of Ashlee's visiting from Ashville, NC.

Great Food whether going for Breakfast or Lunch! Be prepared to wait though; although today, we got extremely lucky and just walked right in! We were informed by the waiter that it had been a slow day, which isn't normal for them!


All I have to say is I ate half of them... And before we left, they were devoured.
Now recalling the events at Lunch.. I'm not sure anyone had much left, and there were no complaints about the food! Because it was quite fantastic!

After chatting and relaxing for quite sometime, we met another friend, Brittany at Banana Republic. She was having herself a "Shopping Therapy Day!" Sure wish I could afford one, but now that I think about it.. I don't really need much!

We then headed down Broughton Street to hit Starbucks, because we all needed to refuel before anymore walking...


We also took a few photos @ Starbucks while relaxing and chatting.

Amanda and I posing for a picture!

Britt didn't think it was a good day for pictures..
Maybe Next Time!

Ashlee and I!
Our first picture together, and we've been friends for almost a year now!

After Starbucks, we were all exhausted and decided it was time to head home. Only my day didn't stop there! I got the grand idea of going to Target, which I tried talking myself out of... Oh WHY NOT?!

I only shopped CLEARANCE and I totally enjoyed my little finds!

So.. I bought a Lemonade Candle, which totally makes me think of Summer!
It smells delicious!
$4 dollars

Summer Pitcher
Been looking at them all summer!
Now I have one...
$6 dollars

The other item I bought was my nephew a toy car that you shake and it takes off, which I got for under $3 dollars! I was over joyed with my 3 little finds.

I then came home to relax and got a few pictures of my little dog Aiden.. Thought I'd share..

Little Aiden

Make sure to take the time to stop and enjoy the scenery around your town; It makes you appreciate what a beautiful place you live! Have a GREAT rest of the week!
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Jes said...

Sorry Everyone.. Didn't Realize Some of the Pictures didn't show up!

Christie said...

This was so cute! That fountain is GORGEOUS!!! I didn't even think to look at the candles at Target..lemon candles are one of my favorites. Was it with the summer stuff or more with the candles? Aiden is sooo cute! I bet he is a lot of fun to have around. =)

Jes said...

Thanks so much! I actually found the candle on an end-cap with some invitation stuff; although, there was summer stuff a couple of isles over. I'm all about digging to find what I want, and it was one of about 5 candles with the lemonade scent on the shelf. Aiden is fun to have around, but he's also very hyper! I also hope I've fixed the other problem. Let me know if it continues...

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