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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I follow quite a few blogs, and this is one that I felt was very encouraging, and uplifting.

Go get a notebook and fill a page with reasons you are an amazing person. I'm not kidding, when you finish, you'll be thrilled to be you. I did this recently when I was feeling down and felt a million times better when I was done.

If you get stuck, write down something silly. Just keep writing until that page is full! I don't care if your list is silly or serious, just do it. My list has a little bit of everything.

Here are some examples:

I love children

I'm dedicated to things I care about.

I like my design style.

My freckles are cute.

I have strong morals and beliefs.

I love my tan.

If you finish one page and still aren't very happy with yourself, keep writing! Go until you're happy. Also, if you finish a page and are still coming up with reasons you love yourself, by all means write those down too.

Now whenever you're feeling blue about yourself, open your notebook, read your list and get back to being your own number one fan!

I'd love to know what sort of things are on your list. Please comment and inspire us all with your favorite things about yourself.

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Christie said...

What a cute idea!! I love this! Thanks for sharing it. =)

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