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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sexist Language

Do you use sexist language?  
We all use sexist language and we probably do not even realize it.  
Years ago people carried different titles than they do today.  

In Years Previous                                                              Currently

Mailman                                                                               Mail Carrier

Policeman                                                                             Police Officer

Stewardess                                                                            Flight Attendant

Weather Man                                                                        Meteorologist

Fireman                                                                                 Firefighter

Salesman                                                                               Sales Associate

Waitress/Waiter                                                                     Server

Isn't it crazy how thing change over time!  
Even things like the titles people carry from day to day!
Sorry it's all wonky... Blogger hates me and I'm hating it too today!
I won't be by your blogs until someone decides I can read them in my google reader!
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