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Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I'm angered, and outraged?! Are you? You should be!

Many of you know that I grew up on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, and spent every summer on Gulf Coast Beaches.  This BP rig has sparked America's biggest oil spill in history.  BP missed 16 required inspections in the years leading up the the deadly explosion in April that killed 11 workers, and sent oil crude gushing into the Gulf of Mexico.  This has altered the way of life for many people along the Gulf Coast whether they were shrimpers, restaurant owners or even real estate agents.  BP was wreck less and had no concern for the people they might affect.  The Mississippi Gulf Coast hasn't even fully recovered from Katrina much less for this to occur and drive tourism away from a place that needs tourism to thrive.  This is the problem across the board in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida.  The oil has driven tourism away from all Gulf Coast Shores.  I know of several Realtors that have lost over $20 K alone in rentals, so this goes way beyond the fisherman.  This isn't something SHORT TERM... It's a LONG TERM affect, and something must be done.  

Funny how we jump in to help a foreign country in time of need..
What's the government doing now?! 54 days later and it's finally addressed. About Time!

Taken from my Aunt a real estate agent in Panama City, FL

Where is everyone?! See the tar on the beach?!

Courtesy of Mississippi Press

Courtesy of Mississippi Press

Courtesy of Mississippi Press

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