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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Graduation Day...

came and went so quickly, but so many Memories were made.

Amanda helping put on out gowns...

Over 2300 Graduates and over 1600 Walked at Graduation...

Me, My Mom, Ashlee, and Ashlee's Mom


My Dad and I

My Dad's Parents

My Surprise... Boy was I surprised my uncle showed up..

No Criminal Trespassing.. Boy we better get outta here

My Mom's Brothers...
Uncle Robbie, Me, and Uncle Ken

Uncle Robbie and I

Uncle Ken and I

My Mom's Dad
Paw-Paw and I

My Step-dad and I
My Mom's Family
Uncle Robbie, Dad, Me, Mom, Paw-Paw and Uncle Ken

Me, Ashlee's Sister, and Ashlee

Girls Being Funny
Me, Amanda, Ashlee

Ashlee, Mrs. Vanessa, and Me

Mom and I

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun..


Graduating Class of 2010!

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