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Friday, June 4, 2010

Feature Friday with a Guest Post

Angie from The Country Chic Cottage is my Feature Friday.

Hello all!!  I am Angie from The Country Chic Cottage.  Y'all stop by for a visit sometime!  I am so happy to be here!  Jessica wanted to feature my sheet music is one of my faves...
All you need is cardboard, sheet music, glue, and a little ink to distress the sides.  Yep that cardboard can be anything from an amazon box to your empty Cheerios box. 
I cut out four pieces of my "H".  Yep that H template was just printed off of the computer and I cut the cardboard with a pair of scissors.
I then stacked up those "H"s and used a spray adhesive to make one thicker "H".  I felt like one piece of cardboard by itself would not be strong enough.  And I used the spray adhesive cause I am not a patient person.  You could use your white glue for this also, just let it dry a little while before continuing.
I ripped my sheet music into pieces using a straight edge.  That way I would get a frayed look on the edge.  Then just start gluing.  I began by making sure all edges were covered.  Then I made sure all the cardboard on "front" was covered.  Paint each piece down really well with white glue.  You can use it on the front and back of the sheet music (it drys clear). 
I then went back and added smaller pieces of sheet music to make it pretty!  I placed all of my sheet music so that the print was right side up -- I guess you could do it randomly I am just detail oriented...
Again with my detail oriented self, I also covered the cardboard on back.  Then you have to let it dry...sigh...the long wait.  I would say 8 hours or so just to be safe.  And then distress those edges with a little brown ink if you like that look (I do!).
And there you have it -- a thrifty "use what you have" project! 
Stop by the cottage anytime to see more projects and tutorials...and sometimes me rambling...  Thanks Jessica for having me! 

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