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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Savannah Adventures Update

Several weeks ago.. We marked several more things off of our Savannah Adventure list...

Savannah Adventures List:
- Have a Spa Day in Savannah (Budget Hopefully Allows)

- Go to the Farmer's Market
- Ellis Square
- Eat @ Uncle Bubba's (Paula Deen's Brother's Restaurant)
- Hilton Head, SC Shopping Day
- Hilton Head, SC Beach Day
- Charleston Day Trip
- City Market Day
- Picnic in Forsyth Park
- Attend a Movie in the park
- Make a regular beach or pool day
- Breakfast at J. Christophers (Our Favorite Breakfast Place)
- Eat @ Soho
- Eat @ Firefly
- Eat @ Breakfast Club
- Trip to Mary Kay's House and Seaside Sister's Day
- Visit the Lighthouse and watch a sunset on beach
- Eat @ Mrs. Wilkes
- Eat @ McDonagh's Pub
- Eat @ Griffen Tea Room
- Have cupcakes @ Back in the Day Bakery
- Go on a Ghost Tour
- Visit the NEW Forsyth Visitor Center
- Picnic at the Beach
- Cupcakes at Cupcake Emporium
- River Street Day
- Take Ashlee to Hobby Lobby
- Hmm.. And Much, Much More!

Some of these post are intertwined in my Around Your Town Tuesday series.

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