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Friday, May 28, 2010

Feature Friday

Welcome to Feature Friday!

This week's Feature Friday is....

(Drum Roll Please)

Kitchen Belleicious is one of my favorite blogs especially if I am looking for something new and tasty.  Ms. Belleicious is alway serving up some tasty recipes that I can not wait to try when I am not so busy. (Ah when break, hits I'll be printing out quite a few.)  She serves up a variety of tasty dishes whether it is breakfast foods or a tasty desert for all to share. 

I asked Ms. Belleicious to write a little about her blog so here it goes:

I am not really sure how to sum up the life of Ms. Belleicious! LOL! It’s not that I am that exciting, I am just crazy! Ha! Only kidding! Okay, let’s start from the beginning. I am  proud to be raised southern from a small town in Louisiana. My husband has to be the most sweetest and loving man I know! He is my rock and supports me in everything I do. Whether it is cooking or playing tennis or something silly, he has and always will be there for me. I met him 5 years ago at LSU and I have had the time of my life since then sharing each day and moment with my soul mate. I know everyone says their husband is the best but this man truly is my dream and he makes me smile everyday. My husband has given me one of the best gifts and that is our son. He just turned 1 and he is my life. I never knew I could feel this type of love until now. Everyday I strive to be the best mom I can be, to raise him to love others and to be kind. 

Kitchen Belleicious is my new baby! It is a project I started back in January from a huge push, or rather shove, from my family and friends. Cooking is my passion ,my obsession. I took a leap of faith doing this website because I have never considered myself a writer but I am so glad I have-otherwise I would have never had the chance to meet so many wonderful women. I love to make new things, try something I have no idea how to make and just put a smile on people’s faces watching them eat something they love. My goal with Kitchen Belleicious is to help other women like myself find out tricks of the trade, new flavors and seasonings and methods you never knew existed and most importantly, I hope Kitchen Belleicious gives someone that extra push to make a new dish and the confidence in your own cooking abilities. Be fearless in the kitchen is my motto. Anyone can cook, you just got to get in there and do it, believing in yourself. We all make mistakes. Believe me not everything Ms. Belleicious cooks turns out perfect but the point is to try! It isn’t just about cooking to have something to eat. It is about the creativity and the love that goes into creating something for others to enjoy. 

Please stop by Kitchen Belleicious!
She is alway cooking up something new!
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