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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

CHANGE: Why are we scared?

Change can be wonderful.  People often change their appearance, get a new jobs, get married, and welcome little ones into their families.  Those babies turn into sweet little toddlers and pretty soon they are learning to read and write, and then you are celebrating their Sweet Sixteens. Then you blink your eyes once more and they have moved off to college, gotten jobs, and started families.   

That's what change is for a lot of us.  These are things we pretend to embrace even as our heart sinks.  Fear of Change and Fear of Failure usually go hand in hand.  I often feel worried and anxious when I think of everything that lies ahead in the next few months because at times I doubt my abilities, my intelligence, and my capacity to overcome obstacles that may arise. The other thing about change is we want change as much as we are afraid of it, and we need it as much as we need food.  We may hate our job, but are afraid of something new.  

It doesn't matter whether we like CHANGE or not, whether we embrace it or run the other direction. Changes will be taking place all the time with or without our participation.  Even if we change nothing, ultimately things will change anyways.  CHANGE is inevitable kinda like snow is in the winter.  Some people put on their winter coats and make snowmen while others stay cozied up inside by the fire.  No matter what we try to do... The snow still falls.

Whether we are getting older, changing jobs, celebrating new life... It is beyond our control.  We can either be frightened of life or look for the new changes.  

The worst part about being afraid of change is we end up settling for whatever happens, happens.  This is something I have said often, and have lived by for quite some time.  I guess it seems less scary that way, but honestly it is a more frightening way to live.  It is more frightening because we are not in control of what might happen.  If we take action and face fear not only does this provide us with a sense of control, but it could ultimately provide us with a life full of purpose and joy.  Isn't that really what we're all trying to achieve? 

CHANGE can be wonderful.  CHANGE can be scary: But CHANGE is, more than anything, inevitable.

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