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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Around Your Town Tuesday - Best Food

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This week the topic is Best Food in town.  
That is a very hard topic for me since I am in Savannah, and we have some of the BEST FOOD around.  

Picking one restaurant in Savannah was not a choice for me... I couldn't make a decision.
I did narrow it down to a few places that I have been to recently.  So here it goes...


My two favorite places to eat breakfast in Savannah are Harris Bakery and J. Christopher's.  
They are very different, and serve uniquely different foods. 

Harris Bakery 
Harris Bakery is located on East Liberty Street in Drayton Towers.  
It is a fresh and delicious bakery with fresh bread and bakery treats baked daily.

I've been to this bakery for breakfast and lunch, and have always found a tasty treat.

Bacon, Ham, and Cheese Croissant
(It was delicious!)

Blueberry Pastry

Tasty, Tasty

No Matter what time of day you stop by Harris Bakery, they always have tasty treats.

J. Christopher's
J. Christopher's is located on 122 E. Liberty Street, and you better get there early during tourist season to get a seat.  I can promise you this though.. even if you have to wait, it's well worth it. 

via J. Christophers

This is my favorite thing to eat a J. Christopher's....
Blueberry Crunchcakes

All I have to say is I ate half of them, and before we were gone...
 Everyone else at the table had devoured them.  

These were even harder to choose, and they all have serve distinctly different foods.  

Soho South Cafe
Soho South Cafe is also located on Liberty Street.  (Maybe that's where most of the good food is..)
This was the first time I had ever eating at Soho, but it was delicious.

When I walked in.. I never expected it to be so vintage, but I love it.
Definitely reflects Savannah.

Grilled Salmon BLT

Chargrill Burger

Ashlee and I split this TASTY dessert...
Key Lime Pie

Vinnie Van Go Go's
Vinnie Van Go Go's is located in City Market. (Tourist Spot, but locals love it.)
The pizza at Vinnie's is so YUMMY.
 This is another restaurant that if you plan on eating.. You better get there early.

This is the inside of Vinnie's.. VERY SMALL;
However, there is outdoor seating.
This isn't the piece of pizza, but it is that big.
I usually get once slice and I am stuffed by the time I leave.

These are just a FEW of my favorite places. 

Just because there are famous spots in Savannah, doesn't mean you should waste your time standing in line.  Not in this city at least.  Thanks for joining me and learning about some of the best restaurant in town from a local.
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