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Friday, April 30, 2010

Feature Friday

Welcome to Feature Friday!

This week's Feature Friday blog is...

 Lindsey over at "A Dollop of My Life."  I absolutely adore her blog, and love the honestly and openness she shares with her readers.  Despite what she is going through in her adventures of motherhood, she always finds the positive in life.  

Lindsey also recently started a blog design business called Designs by Linds. I worked with Lindsey on my new blog (Design Diva with Interior Motives - launching June 1st). Lindsey was AMAZING to work with and an absolute joy.  Her blog designs are very fun, and affordable.  

I asked Lindsey to introduce herself and give a glimpse into her blog... 

My name is Lindsey, known around the blogging world as "Linds," and I started A Dollop of My Life in 2007 as a simple online journal. As my life has changed through deployments (my husband served in the Army National Guard and was deployed for Operation Iraqi Freedom), struggling with possible infertility and then finding out we were pregnant, to raising my baby boy, my blog has grown with me on my journey. I try to keep an honest view of everything that my life entails-- dirty diapers, dirty dishes and loads of laundry piled on the couch.... because if we're all honest our lives are far from perfect. I also am a hobbyist photographer, so those who read my blog have to deal with countless pictures of my family, especially my 1 year old little boy. When I am not hanging out with my fam, blogging or taking pictures, I also like to fill my "free" time with blog design. After designing my own blog and figuring out things as I go, I recently started my own little design site and offer fun, affordable blog design packages. Blog design is just another way I keep my mind sharp as a stay at home mom, and it gives me a little extra cash to spend on... you guessed it... my baby boy :o) 

I hope that you will take the time and stop by Lindsey's blog 
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