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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Paint Your Own Rainbow...

Do you have difficulties picking paint colors?

After taking design questions for readers like you on several Blog Frog Communities, I thought that I would start this series off talking about paint. Most of the time we choose colors for decorating based on our own personal taste and our sense of aesthetics. It has been proven by experts that colors have effect on our emotions and that it is wise of us to be conscious of that setting before actually picking out a definite color choice.

Here is some color terminology:
Colors are often referred to as a "warm" or "cool" colors. Oranges, reds, and pinks are considered "warm" colors, while blues, greens, and violet are thought to be "cool." Knowing just those simple facts can help you achieve the right tone for the look that you are wanting.

Selecting Paint Colors:
Do you see a sea of COLOR when you go to pick out paint?

If picking a paint color is difficult for you, select the ones you like most and pull them to the side. I would then suggest that you pin them on the walls in that particular room so that you can really get a feel for what it may look like in that room. Several days later, you may rule out some that you chosen and fall in love with others. Another suggestion is too look at these colors in the NATURAL LIGHT (Sun Light). Sun Light can change a color for the good or the bad. These tips may help you narrow your selection down.

Since being in Art School, I've fell in love with Pittsburgh Paints. I was introduced to their Color Sense Game about 2 years ago, and fell in love with their method in selecting Colors that fit you. This is a game that will help you find your voice. Color makes you and helps you have the power to express anything and everything you ever wished. The purpose of "The Voice of Color - Color Sense Game" is to help you articulate your unique vision in a way that is vibrant and beautiful.

I took the test before posting this, and was really pleased with the results that I received.
From my experience with this game, (I hate calling it a game due to it being AMAZING!) I find it to be 90% correct on the color choices that I want to do with my own home. Keep an open mind, and answer honestly. The questions may seem a little awkward to ask when talking about color,but the results will be worth taking it seriously. Wish I could get painting, but only a few more months in this place I currently call home.

What were your results? Do the colors reflect who you are and what your wanting to achieve?

Colors affect us. If you feel emotions for a certain color, note it and remember it next time you are painting.

The Decision is Up to You!
Get Painting!
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Mandy said...

So glad you liked the color sense game! We'll be rolling out a new version of soon, I'll keep you posted. Did you know the Voice of Color has a blog, Facebook page and Twitter page? You can email me at for more info, I'd be happy to pass along the URLs.

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