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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

And the Oscar Goes too...

The Beautiful Blogger Award Goes to Yours Truely. This wonderful award came from Cassie over at "Starting from Nothing and Learning as I Go" Make sure to check out her blog. I stumbled across it a few days ago, and we have so much in common.

I have to write 7 random things about me, and then pass this on to 7 worth bloggers.
Just when you thought you knew everything about me, I tell you 7 more things. So let's give it a shot...

1.) I have an addiction to "The Blog Frog." Instead of facebook, I am almost always on Blog Frog talking with other blog readers and passing along anything from recipes, design tips, and even listening to them talk about parenting.

2.) I am so excited for Spring Break. That day trip to Charleston is in the planning which makes me over joyed.

3.) I've started reading again, and I'm really getting into this book. I've even come up with a blog topic through reading this book.

4.) Since attending Art School.. I've had an obsession with Interior Design Magazines. Wait, okay I can't lie... I have a love for all magazines especially Traditional Home, Interior Design Magazine, Dwell, Real Simple, and I'm sure I could name some more.

5.) Is glad that my bestie decided to invite herself for dinner, and then basically cook it all. These are reasons she is the best.

6.) Is extremely excited to show all of you my Final for my Interior Design Project.. Coming Next Week

7.) Has a new obsession with Access Hollywood.. It gives me my drama and gossip for the week.

I'm passing this award to... Drum Roll Please
1.) Pam @ "Troop Petrie"
2.) Sandy @ "Pardon My Dust"
4.) Jamie @ "Mommy's Camera"
5.) Courtney @ "One Modern Girl"
7.) Pineapple Princess @ "The Love Shack"

I also won these awards from Linds over at "A Dollop of My Life." I just started reading her blog to and I have thoroughly enjoyed it.
First Award:
Second Award:
The rules to the Happy 101 award is to list 10 random things about myself, so here it goes again:

1.) Loves the Bachelor. I wasn't happy with the outcome, and I don't think it will last very long. However, I'm so happy that Ali is the New Bachelorette.

2.) Is fixing to get started on my resume... Something I dread, but I can't keep putting if off.

3.) Wishes that I could take a spa day to a deserted island with some of my favorite people.

4.) I love to paint, and sometimes I enjoy making jewelry.

5.) Loves shopping at Gap and Ann Taylor Loft

6.) I think it would be amazing if I ever got the opportunity to live out of the country. The chances of this are probably slim, but I would jump at the opportunity.

7.) Likes pretty much all types of music except Rap. I just don't get it if I can't understand the words.

8.) Is hoping in my next place that I live I take the time to paint. That's hard for an Interior Designer, but I didn't wanna paint them back when I left. I also didn't know how long I was gonna be there. SO PAINT BEWARE

9.) Places that I want to visit soon.. Charleston,SC , Washington, D.C., Umm. Can I travel the world?

10.) Is currently awaiting Criminal Minds to come on. Why doesn't it come on earlier?! Crazy East Coast Time Zone

This award is being passed on to...
4.) Kelly Lynn @ "Life's a Beach"
5.) Laura and Ryan @ "Our Crazy Adventure"
8.) Taiya @ "A Cargo of Joy"
9.) Stephanie @ "A Place to Be Me"
10.) Amy @ "Filled with Praise"

Thank you Cassie and Linds for these awards. I am very flattered that you would award my blog with such great awards.

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