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Thursday, March 11, 2010

And the final project is....

Here is the final project that you have all have waited patiently for....  Today, Ashlee and I are presenting this to our professors and fellow classmates. I've had to break this into 3 parts due to the post being so long.  Hope you enjoy.

The company we chose was Parducci Winery, which is apart of the Mendocino Wine Company in Ukiah, CA.  We chose this company because they have great sustainable principles and are the first carbon neutral winery in the U.S.


The site we worked with is located on Broughton Street in downtown Savannah.  Around the building there is multiple restaurants and shops.  The original brickwork, large, open windows, and original wood floors are a major asset to this building.  


Our concept came about by taking a deeper look into the current location of our company as well as the new addition of an East Coast office in Savannah, GA.  With the concept we wanted to bridge the gap between the east and west coast by taking the undulating form of the California Mountains and morphing them into the structured form of Savannah, GA.  


Our inspirations for the parti came from the wind turbines and the locations of the company.  The wind turbines were a real driver not only because it represented the idea or morphing, but also the 3 equal parts of sustainability (3 E's: Economy, Environment, and Equity), which are Parducci's core principles.


This is the first floor plan.  We focused on the flow of space and how you would move through the building, which was inspired by the undulating form.  As you walk in the door you have the linear elements on the floor along with the radiating reclaimed wooden beams on the ceiling, which draw you through the space.  The focus on the first floor plan is the reception desk and the cafe that represents Parducci.  

The curved form of the reception desk pulls the visitors into the space.  To add some rustic qualities the back wall of the reception desk is covered in repurposed wine barrel tops.  We choose to keep the existing hardwood floors, but defined different space by different stain colors.  The color scheme is based off of the Parducci vineyards.  The vineyards are full of rich, and rustic colors.

The custom wine wall is the focus of this room, which will introduce Parducci to the community of Savannah.  In this room, we kept the original brick while staining the floor and lowering the ceiling to help define this space.  This space could be used for employee lunches and lounging, and for after hour wine tasting.  

We used different colored glass panels to represent the different colors of the vineyards as well as packaging for their wine as an inspiration for this art insulation.  The undulating form is also represented in this way. 

Hoteling is a space for employees that don't have permanent desk, and are just stopping by this office location.  The reclaimed wood beams in this space define an open area along with the flooring change.  These desks are made of reclaimed wood tops.  In this space there is also a multimedia wall that will educate the community on green winery practices.  

This is the staircase that will lead you up to the 2nd Floor... 
I will post the 2nd Floor a little later today or tomorrow.  

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Tyler said...

WOW!! Yall did great! :) Cant wait to see upstairs

Kelly Lentz said...

Dear Jes,

It is exciting to see the final project come to life. We are honored that you would pick our winery for this and look forward to seeing the second story!

Courtney said...

Awesome job, Jes! Makes me want to work there - or at least go drink some wine. ;)

Can't wait to see tomorrow's post!

malmal0505 said...

Jess, my friend, you did it again! I'm so proud of you sista!!! Love ya bunches! Enjoy your spring break ;-)

Vanessa said...

What a grat job!!! I can't wait to see the other floors. I'm so proud of you and Ashlee

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