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Saturday, February 20, 2010

What If?! Part 2

Many of you commented and it really started to make me think, so we have a continuation. If you missed the first part of the What If!?! post then it's HERE.

The strange thing is we are living in the NOW, which should make it ultimately the most important moment. Often we are so stuck in the What Ifs!?! that we don't live in the current place we are at. We tend to keep our focus either in the far future or the past. Why aren't we enjoying the HERE AND NOW. I know what your thinking or I do.. (Shouldn't we plan for the future?) Yes, you should. You should have goals, but you can't say that next year I'm gonna face my fears or when I'm more prepared I'll jump at that opportunity. If I always lived in the past, I wouldn't be the woman I am today. I mean if I answered those questions that I put in the original post this may be the outcome....

Q: What if I stayed home and went to college?
A: I would have went to community college with everyone else I graduated with. (Not that that's a bad thing, but I wanted more than that.)

Q: Would then I have been with that someone or would it have fallen apart?
A: Honestly, it would have fallen apart eventually, and it would have been harder than it was with me away. This is difficult for me to say, but when your in a situation you are blind to all that is going on around you, and you don't see past the problems that would have eventually been there.

Q: What if my family lived closer?
A: I would spend more quality time with them. When I did live at home, I didn't treasure the time I had with them. Now that I've been away for going on over 2 years, I appreciate my time with them.

Q: What if I wasn't graduating?
A: I guess I'd still be racking up MORE college loans (Thanks SCAD!)

Q:What if I can't find a job when I graduate?
A: I'll face that when it comes, but there are options out there. Life won't be over, but just beginning.

Those are things that could have happened or may happen, but why dwell. We get so caught up in this that we worry we have fallen off of the train that is headed in the right direction. If we did fall off, WE WILL FIND OUR WAY BACK. Would I be the person I am today if everything I ever dreamed happened the exact way I dreamed it? No, I wouldn't, and I'll be the first to tell you that. I wouldn't be that independent woman that can stand on her on two feet while I'm experiencing the most exciting time in my life. These are the exciting moments that I call MY LIFE.

Our blessings are right in front of us, everyday, but we are too busy looking forward or behind us. The little things that make us happy are those things that make life worthwhile. That's what makes living in the HERE AND NOW so AMAZING. It's easy to see the big blessings God has for us. The big things are the things that get our attention, but the sweet, simple, small events make us smile, for those we must be grateful. We must live in the NOW so we don't take those sweet, simple, small life altering events for granted.

Will YOU live in the now with me and stop looking back?

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Laura and Ryan said...

Living far from family really does make you not take it for granted. I treasure the time I have with them now!

Christa said...

Thank you so much for the award from the other day! :)

Stephanie said...

I love that you took time to reflect on the probable answers to your "what if" questions. Sometimes it is only when we consider the reality of what would have most likely occurred that we can get moving!

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