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Friday, February 5, 2010

Studio 2 Final Presentation...

I thought that I would start by updating everyone on my Studio 2 project. The project was to design a Retail Store for a company called "Gaiam." Gaiam is a company that focuses on a healthy lifestyle. This is the finished product....
We always use a local building for our projects, so here is a glimpse at the building that we used for this project...
201 W. Broughton Street

My Building Sketch

Occupying the Building is... Clipper Trading

This Well was one of the obstacles in the basement floor that we were to design around..

Conceptual Statement: (Reasoning Behind All Decision)

Weaving is the interlacing of strands to create one elaborate design. Weaving is seen in all parts of nature from the construction of a bird’s nest to the limbs of a tree. At Gaiam life, the idea of weaving is meant to bring people from all cultures to one place creating one entity. Weaving also incorporates the interlacing and layering of many threads to create one piece. The layers are interlaced to bring each other toward a greater community.

Parti Diagram..

This was an diagram of how the parti would be established in my floor plans..

This building is 2 Floors consisting of a basement and main floor.
Schematic Floor Plans - Initial Floor Plans
Basement Schematic Plan
First Floor Plan Schematic


Organic Bar Perspective Sketch

Gaiam Center Perspective Sketch
Gaiam Center Elevation Sketch

Children's Area Perspective Sketch

Rendered... FINAL PLANS

First Floor Plan Fully Rendered

Basement Floor Plan Fully Rendered

Organic Bar Perspective
Longitudinal Section of Building
Gaiam Center Elevation
1st Floor Children's Play Area Elevation
Basement Children's Area Learning Perspective

This area is where the well was featured.. My solution for it was to make it into a children's garden so that children could be educated while in the learning environment. (Not Shown)

Basement Retail Area Perspective

These are just a few of how my final project turned out...


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Board 2

Board 3

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