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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Blogging Balance

Hey Everyone!
Sorry, it's been awhile. My life has turned CRAZY, and I can't seem to find the balance between blogging and reality.
As many of you readers know, my Senior Year of College has ARRIVED, and I'm already on my 3rd week with only 7 more weeks to go. Usually ALL NIGHTERS don't happen in my life until after midterms or right before them, but this quarter has proved quite different than most. I happened to pull my first all nighter on the Sunday before my 2nd week of classes started. So let's just say it's been a ROUGH 2 weeks. Currently I'm working on many projects for classes, and I'm trying to stay above water. Also, my Mom is in town to help me out with laundry, food, ect., and to spend time with my brother and his family before they move. I appreciate her being able to take the time to come out and help me. Thanks Mom.

So Much To Do.. So Little Time...

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Jenna said...

I too can't seem to find the time to blog :( It's so hard! Your life seem's a bit crazier than mine though! Just think soon enough you'll be all done with school, how exciting!

Have a great week!

Christa said...

Hang in there girl!!

harmonysong said...

I SO hear you! I am 6 weeks away from graduating. The last year is crazy! Hang in there, you WILL make it! Glad your mom is there to help a bit! Best thing I have done for myself is making sure I sleep. I cannot function without it!

Holly said...

I just finished university, so I completely know where you're coming from!
Good luck with everything! :)

harmonysong said...

I have an award for you on my blog when you find the time! :)

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