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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Re-Occurring Post

I've decided to have re-occurring topics each week... As follow below

Monday -
Will feature 5 of my favorite things for the week; They may be things I currently own and somethings that I would absolutely love to own.

Wednesday -
Calling it "Wordless Wednesdays" Not sure what will be said, but working out the deals.. Guess I'll figure it out on Wednesday when I post it!

Friday -
Favorite Room Fridays - I'll look for Interior/Exterior Rooms that Inspire Me or that I love!

Sunday -
Inspirational Sundays - Usually a quote or thoughts that I'm thinking..

Hope you Enjoy the Re-Occurring Post Topics! If there are any other topics that you think are interesting and would like me to write about.. Let me know...

I will also keep you posted on my Interior Design Project that I'm working on...
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Sandy Hop said...

Ohhhh! We'd get along very well! Our house loves routine! Cute blog!

Christie said...

This is to funny, great minds must think alike. =) Right now, I have a post that I am working on that is my Top 10(or so) summer loves. Basically my favorite things that I discovered this summer (kind of like your Monday theme). Then I was thinking once school starts in a few weeks, I might also do the Wordless Wednesdays. LOVE your theme ideas and can't wait to read about your Monday's Favorite things. It will be fun to see what else we have in common. =)

Jes said...

Yes Sandy.. I'm all about routine!

Christie, that is too funny! I'm going to try and pick 5 things per week.. We will have to see how many times I can keep this re-occurring. Well.. I'm looking forward to seeing your 10 Favorite Summer Things.. I'm excited also to see what else we have in common!

Have a Great Week!

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