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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Favorite Room Friday - Bedroom

I guess you can tell that I'm working on the Master Bedroom, and Guest Bedroom right now due to the Bedroom being a Favorite Room this week!

This room looks so refreshing, and I love it.
Especially the patterned chair, and the lamps..
Hmm.. Fits my concept

Love the layering of blankets, coverlet, ect.
Such Beautiful Colors
Love the built-ins in the room with the fireplace in the middle.
Relaxing Retreat..

Hope you enjoy Favorite Room Friday and Have a Fantastic Friday!
Happy Weekend!



Anonymous said...

I commented on this one yesterday but I think it went away. :( I love the top room. Is it your design? If so, you are really good.

Jes said...

No.. It isn't my design. I still have a year left of school left before I can officially start, but I'm oh so ready!

Anonymous said...

If you ever come up to the DC can totally come redo our home. :)

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