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Thursday, July 23, 2009

INDS Studio 1

Like I was saying before, I am working on a loft space on Broughton Street in downtown Savannah, GA. It is located above 24 e., which is an upscale modern furniture store. - Website

A few pictures of the loft.... Currently..

Beautiful Large Windows across the front of the Loft Space

The brick walls that are on the 2 long walls. Some are painted with old logo/graphics and some are plain brick.

More of the beautiful Windows that adorn the front!

The hideous linoleum floors... But there is original
wood floors underneath that are beautiful.

Getting a Sense of the Place.. Oh.. What to do with those beams?!

More beautiful wood on the walls... To keep or to remove?!

I'm really excited about this project, and feel that it lets my creative style come out! For this space, we also made up our own clients and their profiles, which was a blast. I let my imagination run wild!!!

My Clients are Lawerence and Faith Bolton. They are in their early 40's and late 30's, and are expecting their first child. Lawerence is a Pediatric Surgeon and Faith a shoe designer that owns a shoe boutique in the downtown area. They are relocating from Florida where they called their beach bungalow home, but are looking for a new and fun adventure in a new Southern Town. They want to combine their love for the beach into their new loft.
My concept is R and R, which is Rest and Relaxation.

A few of my INSPIRATION pictures....

Beautiful Florida Beaches...

Bright Colors of a Umbrella...

Glass Bottles with Different Hues...

Bright, Delicate Star Fish....

A Old Rustic Door...

Hope You Enjoy the Journey with me on this new project....


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