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Thursday, January 1, 2009

My Savannah Adventures

I've lived in Savannah for a little over 2 years.  During these 2 years, I've tried to take advantage of everything the city has to offer.  I've done trolley tours, tourist days, and even ate at some of my favorite places.  My Savannah Adventures started when my best friend Ashlee and I realized our time in this wonderful town was dwindling away.  We talked about all of the things we still wanted to do in Savannah, and started making a list.  That is when we came up with this lengthy list...

Our List...
- Go to the Farmer's Market
- Eat @ Uncle Bubba's
- Hilton Head, SC Beach Day
- City Market Day
- Picnic in Forsyth Park
- Attend a Movie in the park
- Make a regular beach or pool day
- Breakfast at J. Christophers
- Eat @ Soho
- Eat @ Firefly
- Eat @ Breakfast Club
- Trip to Mark Kay's House and Seaside Sister's Day
- Visit the lighthouse 
- Watch a Sunset on the beach
- Eat @ Mrs. Wilkes
- Eat @ McDonagh's Pub
- Eat @ Griffen Tea Room
- Have cupcakes at Back in the Day Bakery
- Go on a Ghost Tour
- Visit the New Forsyth Visitor Center
- Picnic at the Beach
- Cupcakes at Cupcake Emporium
- River Street Day
- Hmm.. And Much, Much More!

I find humor in this list now that I'm looking at it again.  Most of our adventure's are centered around FOOD or are about FOOD.  Well.. A girl's gotta EAT.  So we will eat you through Savannah.

Slowly but surely we are marking things off of our list.  
We hope you enjoy the ride in our Savannah Adventure!
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