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Thursday, January 1, 2009

About Around Your Town Tuesday

Take out your cameras and put your walking shoes on!
Courtney @ One Mom's Perfect Imperfection and I are thrilled to introduce to you our very own 
blog hop, 

Around Your Town Tuesday!

In honor of our readers and the arrival of spring, we would love to see where you live, learn about your town and experience it all through your eyes and your words.  This is a great opportunity for all of us to step away from the computer and get into our communities as well as to connect with other bloggers by undergoing a journey through one anothers' towns without ever leaving our own. Think of it - a glimpse back into history, inspiration to try something new, or just plain fun! Our hope is that you will enjoy it and learn something about one another.  

Enough of the rambing.. Here are the details..

Since this blog hop will require a little footwork (hence, the need for your walking shoes) Courtney and I are implementing this blog hop biweekly.  This will give us all TWO full weeks to get into our towns and prepare posts.  We can change this in the future if this proves to be a success and not too difficult for a weekly blog hop.  For each post, we will give you a subject to compose your post around (i.e. best food in town, farmer's markets, bakeries, ect.)

There are a few guidelines, however.  This post must be authentic and personal.  We don't really want to read what Wikipedia  says about your town.  We want to know what YOU think and feel about your town.  And again, this is about stepping out into our communities and experiencing  something and helping others experience it with us.  Googling it won't really have the same effect either.  But Google and Wikipedia can help you out a little with the facts about your town and its history should you need it.  Just don't make this a book report.  It is understandable  that you can't always get out and take recent pictures.  After all, we all have lives outside of this blogging world.  Therefore, past pictures may be used in your post as long as they are, in fact, your pictures.  

For future reference, I will have a schedule posted under Around Your Town Tuesday Schedule as well as on the Blog Hop page with dates for each blog hop post as well as the subject matter for the stated date.  This schedule will be updated regularly.  We hope this will help those of you who like to prepare in advance.  Please email me with any questions, and please get excited about this because Courtney and I are thrilled about the birth of this blog hop! It's unique, educational in it's own way and should be loads of fun!

So Join us Every Other Tuesday, Won't You?

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