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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

On a Wing and a Prayer

     As you know, I have been patiently awaiting on the printing place, 
and working away on stuffing my  resumes away.  

Some ask if they are going to where you are from originally?

 I have to answer "Oh No, they are actually going anywhere from St. Louis, MO to all along the East Coast, and from down in Florida to Canada. Yes, Canada.. 
Why all these places?! Well why not? What do I have to lose? Nothing at all...

So all 48 resumes are printed on EXPENSIVE paper, put in really EXPENSIVE envelopes, and sealed with a destination to lots of amazing places.

That's my business card! 
Sorry for all the watermarking! I don't need to all ya'll showing up at my door... ; )

The overall package....

My Teaser

Samples of my work Inside

All Complete

All 48 Addresses and awaiting their destination...

 I am trusting God that these resumes will land in the right hands and a job will open for me .
  I am willing to go wherever God leads me, and I am trusting in Him alone.
If You Will.. Please Say a Prayer as I Mail These Out Tonight!

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