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Friday, May 7, 2010

Feature Friday

Welcome to Feature Friday!

This week's Feature Friday blog is...

(Drum Roll Please..)

Mrs. Random over at Mrs. Random's Ramblings.  

I have gotten to know Mrs. Random quite well, and I've fallen in love with her blog.  She shares with us her thoughts and feelings while being completely open with us.  I find that to be truly inspiring, because it is something I struggle with.  I know she calls those thoughts and feelings rambles.. but I love those rambles, because I can always relate.  

Mrs. Random wrote a little glimpse into her blog...

I  am thirty-something year old, single woman that has a lot on her heart and mind.  I want to live a life that is glorifying to the Lord, but I am beginning to realize it is okay to struggle. I decided to create a blog under a pseudonym in hopes of sharing my true thoughts and feelings without fear of offending or being judged too harshly. A few things you will discover about me: I am a Christian woman that struggles in her walk with the Lord from time to time, I love my family more than anything else on this Earth but we aren't perfect and we don't always get along, I don't have the gift of discernment, I can be a hypocrite occasionally, I do believe in SOME censorship, and I ramble! I hope you will come visit me!

Please take the time to stop by Mrs. Random's blog, and let her know I sent you.
Thanks for stopping by.

I'm also participating in Graceful Bear's Free Friday...
Please stop by her blog and join us..
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