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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Are You Traditional?

I'll admit before BlogMania I had never spent much time on Etsy, but let me just tell you... 
They are incredibility friendly people, and I have started me a "WANT" list.  

Today I want to feature shops from Decorate Your Life: Traditional

Wanna check out some awesome Etsy Shops supporting the Traditional Giveaway Package?

Squack Doodle has these incredibly cute inspirational chalkboards and a variety of other items.  I would have to say they may motivate you to mark some things off of your To-Do List.  

Need a handmade cozy cover for your iphone, ipod, or cell phone?!  
You may want to check out Pomella's  handmade covers.

Art work is something that makes a statement even on a white wall.  Bokeh Photography has a variety of different prints in a variety of sizes.  Do you need to spruce up your white walls?  You may want to check them out, because she has a BOGO sale on select prints.*

*check listing on each print for instructions.  

If you would like to become a sponsor, please send me an email at  

Don't forget to stop by and show the etsy shops some love.  
You can also display the new blog button for BlogMania - Decorate Your Life on your blog to spread some LOVE, and to let others know about this GREAT giveaway.

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