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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Parks "Around Your Town"

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Welcome to Forsyth Park!

Forsyth Park is not only the largest park in Savannah, GA, but I would say that it is truly the most active park in Savannah, GA.  Forsyth Park occupies 30 acres and lies between Drayton and Whitaker Streets; it contains walking paths, a children's play area, a NEW pavilion, a confederate memorial, and a large fountain.  

This is the entrance into Forsyth Park...
Isn't it just breathtaking?!

The BEAUTIFUL Fountain...
It was added at the north end of the park in 1858 and is reminiscent of fountains in the Place de la Concorde in Paris and Cuzco, Peru.  

Confederate Memorial
This Confederate Memorial Statue stands in the middle of Forsyth Park with the path wrapping around it.  The work of art was donated by the Monroe County Courthouse to commemorate those volunteers who gave their lives fighting for the Confederacy.  

Walking Paths and the Beautiful Scenery

The NEW Pavilion....
The new Pavilion is AMAZING! I actually went in for my first time on Saturday, and I thought it was a great addition to Forsyth Park.  It has a little cafe with all kinds of great treats. (P.S. Starbucks coffee is even in there.) I also did a little sketching, because the architectural features are quite stunning.  

This is the back side of the Pavilion.  It is used for concerts, and the children love to play in the water feature right in front of the stage.  

This is the vast open area at the park.  It is usually filled with people laying on blankets either relaxing with friends or family, sunbathing, reading, or playing with their furry friends.

Thanks for joining me in and learning about an AMAZING park.
It is truly the biggest hangout in Savannah!

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