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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Shop Til Ya Drop...

Yesterday, Ashlee, my Mom, and I headed over to Hilton Head, South Carolina for some shopping.  We arrived in Hilton Head around 10 a.m., and started out at The Shelter Cove Mall in Hilton Head.  

Ashlee found her dress at one of our first stops (J. Crew.)  

Ashlee working the runway....

(Gotta love the Pepto Pink Walls YUCK!)

We then went to the Tanger Outlets 2, and shopped some more!

We left Hilton Head, SC around 3:30 p.m. and headed back home.  We stopped by Fatz Cafe and ate dinner;  we had delicious salads.  
While eating dinner, my Mom and Ashlee joked about going to Savannah Mall. 
I was all for it, and told them that I was refueled for the night!
We got to the mall around 6:15 p.m ,and we shopped till they closed the doors.  

I found my dress at Macy's.
Yes, I know.. It's BLACK AND WHITE, but that's just ME!

When leaving the mall, we stopped by Nine West and found these fabulous shoes....

Ashlee Shoes:

My Shoes:


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harmonysong said...


Courtney said...

GORGEOUS! Can't wait to see you in the dress and sexy shoes!

Tyler said...

Love your dress and shoes! Those shoes are so fun.. they will be great to wear with alot of thing not just graduation! So glad you found something.. I know you feel relieved and had a fabulous time shopping :)

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