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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Buy 1, Get 1 Free

It's a Boy
Is it Two?

On Wednesday, my mom went to look at puppies, because she has been wanting a yorkie pup for quite sometime.  We drove an hour from Savannah, GA to the breeder's house to look at 2 puppies that he had avaliable.  Upon arriving there, we had in mind that we were only going to get ONE puppy.  We arrived and 2 adorable puppies came out on his patio.  They were adorable, but UNIQUE in their own way.

One of them was a lot like My Aiden when he was a puppy...
Aiden as a Puppy

and the other was a chocolate brown yorkie...

My Mom had decided on the one that was more like Aiden.  After agreeing on a AMAZING PRICE, I jokingly made the comment that he should give us both of them for that price.  He paused for a moment, and turned around... He said.. "I know you would give them both a great home, so you just bought yourself TWO PUPPIES."  He went inside to get the paperwork while we stood in COMPLETE SHOCK that we were going home with TWO puppies!  

So I'm PROUD to announce: 

Brody Alexander
Parker Miles

Before and After Grooming Photos:
Welcome Brody Alexander
Poor thing.. He couldn't even see...

There is that sweet boy's eyes...
Brody Alexander

Welcome Parker Miles...
I just need a trim...

After grooming..
Sleepy Boy...

Welcome Boys!
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Courtney said...


Linds said...

oh my word they are SO cute!

Tyler said...

awww! They are so stinking adorable! Great names too :) Enjoy and keep up the cute pics

Cassie said...

awww congrats!!! they are SO adorable :) :)

harmonysong said...

TWO?! Wow you are crazy!! haha!! SO cute! Good luck with them!

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