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Friday, March 26, 2010

Are you next?!

Good Morning Everyone! This morning I was tagged by Courtney from 
to participate in a Photo Tag.

Pull up your Photo Folders, and then find the 10th Picture in the 1st folder.  
Now, What is the story behind that photo?

Here's My Photo:

Christmas 2008, we went downtown to an Annual Christmas Event on Broughton Street. 
This is my nephew eating his FIRST ICE CREAM CONE by himself.
We were all so excited, and he didnt' want any help at all!

Tag Your It:
-She designed my Menu Bar at the top of my blog, and my New Blog.  Great Person to work with, and she has a great blog too!

- I love this blog. She always keeps her blog interesting, and it's a blog that I've grown to LOVE!

- This is my Best Friend from MS.  I'm currently loving her Monday Memories Post!

This blogging friend is from Savannah! I'm so glad that I've met her through blogging. Kinda jealous about everything that she purchased from Lilly.

Christie @ Just the 2 of Us -
I'm so glad she's back to blogging.  I've missed her that last couple of months.  I've enjoyed getting to know her, and hearing about everything that is going on in her life.

100th Post Celebration

To celebrate Courtney @ "A Mom's Perfect Imperfection" 100th Post, 
I'm going to participate.

"What are 10 things - right off the top of your head - that we would only know about you if we knew you really well?"  10 Random Things, No Particular Order, Stop Thinking, Just Type.

1. I love Magazines.  I'd go to the extent to say that I collect them especially if they are Interior Design Magazines.  

2.  I have a little obsession with Textured Fabrics.  They make my heart happy.

3.  When I'm writing down notes, I MUST use a Sharpie Pen. They are my Favorite.

4.  I enjoy couponing. I have an entire photo album with coupons, and look through the Sunday Paper to find the deals every week.  

5.  I enjoy cooking.  Since moving off, I've become quite the adventurous eater.  

6.  I don't like water out of a water bottle.  If it is over ice, I can drink it, but it's something about the water bottle. 

7.  I pile things.  Especially when it comes to paperwork.  You will always find a little pile on my desk.

8.  I'm starting to get nervous about Graduation.  Reality has hit me that I'm almost done.

9.  When my puppies are sleeping, you will most likely find me preparing a blog post.

10. I love drinking Crystal Lite Green Tea.  It's Yummy!

Now It's Your Turn!
Have a Great Weekend!
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Courtney said...

YAY! Thanks for being a good sport, Jes!

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