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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Studio 3 Progress... Intro to Our Company

This quarter we are designing a office building, and are required to work with partners. Well I'm a lucky girl, and I am working with my best friend, Ashlee. We heard all the warnings.....
"Don't work with your best friend"
"You won't be friends afterward if you do"
We took these warnings into consideration and formed an agreement, which at times we joke about. We decided that if we got into a disagreement that we would discuss it with each other over a cupcake from the Cupcake Emporium. (sadly no website) However, we have yet to even have to visit the Cupcake Emporium. On some notes, it's kinda sad since I've been wanting one of those tasty treats, but on a brighter note.. I still have my best friend. We work incredible well together, and when we even feel like we are driving each other CRAZY one of us just takes a step back. Needless to say, things are going GREAT.

The company that we chose to bring to Savannah was

Mendocino Winery Partners

A few quick facts about Parducci Wine
- Founded in 1921
- Winery Built in 1932
- Locally Owned and Operated
- Sustainable Farming Practices
- 100% Green Power
- Earth-Friendly Packaging
- 1st U.S. Carbon Neutral Winery
- Winery Certified Organic
- Structured their business that promoted the 3 E's
- Equity
- Environmental
- Economics

Company Vision:
To Grow and Develop the Mendocino Wine Company as the Leading Green Wine business for today and tomorrow.

Company Mission:
1. Quality
2. Community
3. Sustainability

West Meets the East
- Community Ties
- Historic
- Rustic
- Local
- Growth
- Nature
- Unique

"Leave It Better Than You Found It."
- Tim Thornhill

One of the benefits to bringing a business from the West Coast to the East Coast is that we get to use an actual building in Savannah.
Our building for this quarter is...
Drum Roll Please..

221 West Broughton Street
Savannah, GA

This happens to currently be the Urban Outfitter's building. NO, Urban Outfitters isn't moving, we just use a real building to design with. We are working with the historical elements of the building and getting it back up to the building codes of today's times.
(BUILDING CODES = Somewhat of the drawback to Interior Design)

Building Pictures
The building needs alot of work done on the 2nd and 3rd Story.

So this is a glimpse at our company!
Things are progressing right along with only 4 weeks to go....

Hope your having a GREAT WEEK!

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Jennifer said...

That is really neat! I am glad to hear things are going well!

I adore the Cupcake Emporium! My best friend at work and I go there on our breaks all the time! It is a good thing working in downtown Savannah so that you can walk to some many fun places on breaks instead of sitting in a boring break room! I haven't been there in a while, so I guess a trip is in order. Have you ever been to Back In The Day Bakery? I have heard they are even better than the Emporium, but I haven't actually tried it myself as it isn't walking distance to my job.

Stephanie said...

It looks like you have so much fun with what you are learning. I would love to be able to do that, but I don't have a natural eye for design. I love to try to use other people's ideas, but I so want to get better at having creative ideas. :) Can't wait to see the progress!!

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