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Friday, September 11, 2009

Time in MS...

Pictures of our Time Together..
Mostly of Colton.

Colton playing the piano.... A musician in the making.

Colton and Grammy eating cake

Our Artist in the Making...

A Musician and a Artist... One Talented Boy

Colton trying on my flip-flops.

Colton helping his Pops read his B-Day Cards.
My Heart..
Talking on the phone with his Mommy.
Wish I had gotten this on video.. he was huffing and puffing.
His articulation of words is too funny too.

Leaving you with a picture of Pops and I...
(Taken in Nashville.. Forgot to Post)

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Lindsi said...

Just found your blog from a blog hop....very cute!

Jenna said...

Your dog is so SPOILED lol... so is your nephew, he's adorable :) What a great picture of you and your dad too!!!

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