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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Busy Busy Update....

Hey everyone..
Sorry to keep you waiting this long for an update from me. It's been awhile, and it seems to be one thing or another that is keeping me from updating my blog. I finished classes back on the 28th of August and since then I've had a new haircut, spent time with my nephews, traveled home to Mississippi to spend time with family, and I'm currently writing you from Nashville on vacation only to go home on Sunday. I will end up staying a couple more days in Mississippi and then back to Savannah to start classes on the 14th. So Yes, VERY BUSY!

Classes finished on the 28th, which resulted in much relief on my end.
Below are a few pictures of my presentation boards..
The boards in their entirety.
Now Individually...
I did learn that next time maybe I don't need 8 ft. tall boards, especially in a vertical format.
This board featured the Main Living Space minus the Dining Room...
This board featured the Dining Room along with the Master Bedroom Suite.
And the Final Board had the remaining 2 bedrooms, Jack-n-Jill Bath, and the Foyer.
One thing I did learn about Presentation Boards was to SAVE money till the end of the quarter. Wow.. I thought I was going to have a heart attack when the guy told me how much it was going to cost to get my boards printed and mounted.
But I guess the saying 'You gotta do what you gotta do' rang true in this case too.

After the Presentations... I went and got a NEW Haircut by Avril at
JW Salon in downtown Savannah. I love my hairstylist.
Honestly.. I haven't gotten use to my haircut until this week which is one of the reasons I didn't show it until now.. For a short time, I didn't think I even liked it.
I chose to do something similar to Number 6.
Featured Below:
This is MY HAIRCUT Below...

Front View...
Side View...
I've grown to like my haircut, but it didn't come instantly.
I'm use to the sleek look, and I've had to learn that
this is a messy style that should be played with..
So I'm content now with my hair.

Currently, I'm in Nashville with my Parents enjoying the city.
Daily Blogs about my trip are to come. Hope you are having a great week.

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Christie said...

Your haircut is SOOO cute! I LOVE it! Your boards look AMAZING!! I can tell you put a TON of work into them. Congratulations on getting it all finished and enjoy some time with your parents. =)

Christa said...

Your Presentation Boards look awesome! And I LOVE your new hair cut! I think when I go back for my next hair cut I am going to go a little shorter! Love it! :) Have a great time in Nashville!

MannMom3 said...

Love the hair Jes!!! So cute!!

3 Blessings said...

LOVE the haircut! So cute!

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