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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wordless Wednesdays

After putting that "Wordless Wednesday" title, I'm starting to think I should call it "Wordy Wednesday." Hmm.. Something to think about, but not to wordy!

This is my puppy, Aiden, who didn't wanna get out of bed on Monday morning. He was probably thinking like a lot of us were thinking, "Do we have to get up?", "Really, Monday Already?." I always find humor in him not wanting to get out of bed, but its how I feel most mornings. Hope this made you smile, and to remember only today and 2 more days till we get to embrace the weekend again!

P.S. Sorry if it was a little too Wordy for a Wednesday...
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Jenna said...

Too funny! Our dog is always in our bed, if it isn't the dog then it's our 3 year old!!! It's like can I please have my bed back lol.. they are so spoiled!!!

Christa said...

Your dog is too cute!

Aurelie said...

Saw you on the Mckmama forum and decided to follow you. Aiden is adorable! I should post some pics of my dog Cody and his three cats. You'd get a kick out of him!

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