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Friday, August 7, 2009

Adventures with my Nephews....

Monday afternoon, my sister-n-law called me and asked me to come over on Tuesday night to help her with the little ones, because my step-brother had to go to class. (He's taking night classes) My nephew, Colton, has been extremely sick with strep throat and was running a high temp. She was attempting to keep the baby, Caden, away from him as much as possible. So on Tuesday afternoon, I made my way to my step-brother and sister-n-law's house. I am very fortunate that they also live nearby. It has been very nice to move away from home, but still have family near.
As I arrived, I was really excited to see the boys, because it had been a week or so... Colton was feeling horrible as any one can imagine at 2 yrs. and having strep. Although, Colton was one grumpy monster, Caden was happy as a clam. My sister-n-law decided that dinner needed to be prepared and she pulled out a frozen bag dinner. I was thinking this should be interesting, and I was praying it was good. I was extremely hungry.

We tried the Bird's Eye Shrimp Pasta Primavera.

Well, I'd have to say dinner was a disaster, because it wasn't any good at all. My sister-n-law refused to eat it and so did I. So the only food they had left in the house was PB and J. We decided that we would just have a sandwich and had forgotten that my brother doesn't buy anything unless it's ORGANIC. Nothing against food being organic; I usually buy most foods organic. But Peanut Butter is something that I will NEVER buy ORGANIC. The peanut butter was grainy and absolutely yuck. I vowed right then that I would never buy anything, but Jiff Peanut Butter.

Needless to say, I didn't have dinner that night, which caused me a migraine headache. After playing outside some with Colton and bath time for both boys, we all relaxed on the couch some with a apple.

Baby Caden @ 2 months old.
He amazes me with his strength at such a young age.
Oh and Yes, he is a big boy.

Caden Scott - Close up
Color is a little off.
Colton relaxing on the couch in his MONKEY PJ's.
Not feeling too good though!
His cough sounded like a seal.. So sad.
Trying to "cheese" for his Aunt Jess.

After our relaxing time on the couch, I put Caden in his swing and he was fast asleep. Then it was time for Colton to go to bed, which was difficult since he didn't feel well. I finally left so that my sister-n-law, Kristi, could put Colton down for bed. Colton still isn't feeling the best, but we are praying that he will feel better soon.

After leaving, I went by Zaxby's (Ah! FOOD) and to Walmart to pick up a few things ( a place I hate to shop), but Oh Well..
I also picked up some beautiful flowers to put me in a better mood.

These flowers definitely brightened my kitchen up, and my mood. They are quite beautiful, and one of my favorite summertime things. After a eventful evening, I came home and played with little Aiden.

"Mom, where have you been?"

Then, we both went a crawled in bed after an exhausting day.

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Christa said...

Wow what a day! Those flowers are gorgeous!

Christie said...

That is just too funny about the peanut butter! I have never tried it before and definitely don't have any plans to. =) I get migraines too from not eating...they are the worst. Your nephews are so adorable! I hope Colton is feeling better now, strep is never any fun! Aiden's lil expressions are just the CUTEST!

Aurelie said...

Oh my goodness! Those boys are absolutely adorable and so are their names!

I'm sorry your dinner was such a disaster. I also agree with you about the organic peanut butter! A woman whose son I work with saw me eating Fruit Loops one morning and, worried about my health, went to the supermarket and bought me an organic version of them. Not good!

Jes said...

Christie- NEVER try the peanut butter. I get migraines and get dizzy and weak from not eating. I think Colton is feeling somewhat better today. Little Aiden always gives those expressions; I think he is more human than dog.

Aurelie... I would totally be offended if someone I worked with son's brought me organic version. I think any kind of food is good in moderation.

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